Welcome to the Bradish Street/Victory Pointe Selfie Pinball League!

This is a collaboration between both venues which are only separated by a few city blocks.

Qualifying will be available all month during business hours at the two locations, with the finals of each month happening on the first Saturday of the following month. All scores for March must be submitted by midnight on the last day of the month, in this case Thursday March 31st. The Finals will be had at one or both of the venues Saturday April 2nd.

Here's how it works:

STEP 1 - Sign up with one of the locations, include your full name and email address so we can begin recording your scores. You can also sign up by emailing us @ selfiepinballleague@gmail.com. League is free to join and the first session will award prizes to the winners (top 4). By registering, you consent to have your name published on the website for scorekeeping purposes. No personal information will be posted.

STEP 2 - Play anytime! League starts now! Take pictures of your best scores and send them to selfiepinballleague@gmail.com or post them to the Facebook page. All photos must include a picture of the player and their score on the display. So basically, take a selfie. Your top SIX scores will be counted towards your final total composite score. Note: You must have at LEAST 6 unique games played in order to be eligible for finals night*

Scoring will be as follows:

1st Place 100 points
2nd Place 90 points
3rd Place 85 points
4th Place and below 84... 83... 82 points... - 0 points

Scoring example: Player A has three first place scores and three second place scores. Their total score would be 570 (100+100+100+90+90+90).

Please note that only public locations will be eligible for league play. Home/private establishments will not be included for qualifying. Eligible locations and games currently include:

Bradish Street Pinball Parlor: Game of Thrones Limited Edition, The Hobbit Limited Edition, Kiss Limited Edition, Jackbot and Stern Star Trek.

Victory Pointe: The Walking Dead Limited Edition, The Wizard of Oz Emerald City Edition, X-Men Limited Edition, The Addams Family and Judge Dread.

STEP 3 - Follow along the LIVE standings on facebook.

STEP 4 - FINALS NIGHT! First Saturday of every month at 7pm! The site of finals will vary, so be on the lookout on the Facebook page or your email for the exact location for any given month. Win prizes! All participants from the month are invited to finals. The top 4 spots will play the "A" finals, next 4 in the "B" finals, next 4 in the "C" finals, etc. Finals format will be PAPA style 3-game rounds using 4/2/1/0 scoring (4/2/1 for any 3-player groups).

Good luck to all, hope to see your pretty face... with a pinball machine behind it!