Ghostbusters Pro

Ghostbusters - Pro Edition - Now Available at Bradish!

The newest pinball from Stern will be available for play at the Bradish Street Pinball Parlor beginning Friday, April 22nd!

Join us for the launch party, April 29th and 30th, as we open the parlor to the public and host a small tournament to celebrate the arrival of Ghostbusters.

The tournament will follow best game format. The top 5 players will qualify for finals in a head-to-head three strike tournament. The top qualifier will face the best of the remaining 4 players.

Prizes and gift certificates will go to the winner. Good luck!

Click here for current tournament standings

Ghostbusters - Limited Edition - Coming Soon to Bradish! Check back here for updates!

May King of the Hill Tournament

Beginning Wednesday, June 1 at 7 PM

May Leaderboard Tournament

6 games will be chosen to be part of our month of May leaderboard tournament.

Games for May will be, Kiss LE, Hobbit LE, Full Throttle, Spiderman, Jackbot and Stern Star Trek.

Keep in mind there are other pinball events and charity events so qualifying is not the entire time. Announcements will be made to keep everyone informed.

All leaderboards will be reset as of Wednesday May 4 @ 9pm. Each spot on the leaderboard is worth points for qualifying purposes. At the end of the month, all scores will be tallied and players will then be seeded accordingly.

A 3/4 Strike Tournament will ensue. Higher seeded players will get choice of game and order. Top qualifier will receive 10% of the total prize pool. Top 4 will get an additional strike in the tournament. A minimum of half the paid field will be eliminated.

Finals will take place Wednesday, June 1st @ 730pm. Qualified players will be randomly drawn, higher seed controls game and order. Play will continue until every player is eliminated and we have a grand champion.

Cost to play is $5 for any player in the IFPA top 1500. It is free to all other players. Pinbash will add $25 to the prize pool for every 10 players that sign up.

Keep in mind all free play events are coupled in with qualifying so take advantage of this scenario.

Hope to see you there!

Hobbit LE

The Hobbit Limited Edition - Launch Party - May 27th and 28th

The newest pinball from Jersey Jack, The Hobbit Limited Edition will be featured in this event.

Great race style scoring. Each registered participant plays an individual game on the hobbit pinball. We eliminate the lowest score, or lowest 2 scores depending on time. Once we have a top 4. They will play a 4 player group to determine the winner.

This event is scheduled for 2 days.

Day 1 will go from 7 PM until midnight

Day 2 will be from 5 PM until 10 PM

The Hobbit Pinball will be on free play for this event. All other games will accept coins.

There is no entry fee for this event. Prizes will be given to the finalists.

Hope to see you there. This is your chance to play the Hobbit Pinball for free!!

Bradish Street/Victory Pointe Selfie Pinball League

This is a collaboration between both venues which are only separated by a few city blocks.

Join Bradish Street and Victory Pointe for a month-long pinball tournament. Play anytime! League starts now!

Click here for more information on the league format and schedule.

Good luck to all, hope to see your pretty face... with a pinball machine behind it!